Online Reporting and Document Access

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Welcome to online performance metrics, document storage and simplified reporting for your real estate investments. Click Get Started to register your account with the invite code sent to you by your sponsor company.

Transition into the online era of digital finance for commercial real estate

Performance Dashboard

View updated total portfolio allocations and performance along with property and performance metric snapshot and charts for each property investment holding.

View Reports

View and/or download property operation, commentary and investment performance reports that are broken out into report types and laid out in a simple to understand monthly format.

Document Storage

Secure file storage for each of your property investment’s tax and deal documents, along with record keeping of each month’s distribution and reports.

Document Sharing

Select tax, deal or report documents to share or add a trusted advisor, such as a CPA, as a user on your account to access your documents. Add trusted emails to be automatically sent your investment reports each month when available.

View New Offerings

View details for upcoming new investment offerings from your Sponsor company. Leave your email to be notified when available.

Online Investment Process

Save time and invest securely in new property and fund investment offerings through the platform’s online, automated investment subscription process.

Transaction Details

View a history of the capital contributed and the distributions received for each property investment holding.

ACH Deposit

Receive a direct deposit of your monthly distributions into your bank account monthly, no more having to check your mail for checks and cash each month.

Sponsor Communication

Message conveniently with your Sponsor company. From your messages inbox, you can view and respond to general updates and specific messages to you.

Investor Reporting wherever you go

You will be able to access your investor reporting account right from your phone by downloading ACG’s reporting iOS app from the Apple App Store or Android app from Google Play.


Sell thru a Linked Trading Platform

You will be able to sell a portion, or all, of your ownership in an investment on the platform to other investors through one of Abstract’s strategic partnerships, with secondary trading platforms.